Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NAU geology talks on age of grand canyon

Nancy Riggs sent us notification of the up comming talks at NAU

"The age and development of the Grand Canyon has recently become a hot topic, with a paper in Science and abundant media attention.
This week and next (Oct. 23) the Department of Geology will have two speakers with contrasting views of the Canyon's history.This Thursday, please come to hear Karl Karlstrom, from University of New Mexico, at 4 PM in Geology 103.
His talk is titled Debate about the age of the Grand Canyon: Hypothesis for tectonic influences on carving of the <6 Ma Grand Canyon.Next Thursday we will host Carol Ann Hill from teh USGS Denver.
Dr. Hill's talk is Evolution of Grand Canyon from the Laramide to the present: Some new ideas, and is also at 4 PM in Geology 103.Attached please find the Science paper by Hill and colleagues (Polyak et al., 2008) and Karlstrom's perspective (Karlstrom et al., 2008) in Geology.�
we have pdfs of several other relevant papers; please let me know if you would like any of them (including comment/replys to the Science article)."

Harry Allen

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Wayne Ranney said...

I'll attend both talks and report back here after they are done.